Small Beads Sun Earrings

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Dimensions (approx.)
-Length: 3.5 cm
-Drop Length: 5.5 cm
-Width: 3.5 cm

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These sun earrings are handmade  by  the Huichol tribe using very small beads.  The daintiness and delicate atmosphere of the tiny beads make them very popular, but because of the time and effort required, there are very few people who create them among the Huichol tribe, making them very rare items.

The diamond shape in the center of the earrings is an image of the “Eye of God,” an amulet of the Huichol tribe.  It is used as a talisman for the healthy growth of a newborn child and is also used shamans in religious ceremonies to communicate with their gods.

The warm color gradation from yellow to orange, combined with white beads, adds a gentle atmosphere to the brightness.  They are very lightweight, so you will not get tired even after wearing them for a whole day!

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